Discipline Faculty

Envisioning the Future of Enterprise Collaboration

Monika Nagar

Jagadish Kumar

Through her assignment with Sprinklr, an IT organization, Monika’s main objective was to deliver a product to manage social media marketing on various channels for the organization’s clients. The brief was to propose a unified solution to simplify the process of collaboration and align the information flow. To find a set of solutions that would cater to the holistic scenario, the project commenced with the detailed study of the work culture, communication methods and needs of Sprinklr employees and clients.
A major insight was that, using multiple softwares for collaboration led to time wastage and context switching, resulting in loss of relevant information. The optimal solution suggested was a single platform which could provide all the features needed during the process and smoothly adapt itself to any employee. Key learnings were how implementation of human psychology could be used to build an interface as well as formation of a wider perspective towards visual and user experience design.