Discipline Faculty

Digital Application for viewing Walmart’s Key Supply Chain Insights

Sanika Sunil Barve

Mamata N Rao

Sanika’s project with Walmart aimed to generate operational data from its stores and present it in an actionable format for the relevant stake holders. A lean UX methodology and interviews from experts and stakeholders was implemented to get feedback. The primary entities in the system were the products, orders, facilities, carriers and background systems. Sanika identified the trend of orders and the internal system of performance and learnt that design evolves with inputs from feedback and goes on an auto correct journey on its own.
Her outcome, ‘Locus’ helps to track information across inventory, facilities, carriers and items for online sale and in stores along with better decisions through insights, to ensure an excellent experience for customers. It can also be used to understand the upward or downward movement of product queries and to break out results by city or region. Locus displays how people search and order for products across the country at different time periods.