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Consumer Leadership: Rethinking Consumption for the Twenty First Century

Shital Shital Bhimrao

S Guruprasad

The key objectives of the project were primarily to define consumer leadership, identify core interactions and relationships between the consumers and business organizations and exploring frameworks for application in various companies. For the same, Shital used both primary and secondary research methods to capture the changing mindset and lifestyle of people, as well as to understand the nature of consumerism as it exists in the current context. A few new research methodologies were also explored to get a holistic picture of the subjects’ behavior and activities. Key learnings included understanding of core consumer drivers and the evolution of consumption related human behaviour.
A business application framework was developed to enable the shift from the traditional leadership practices, so that the balance can shift from consumption for profit to responsible consumerism, where the consumer is as equally important and responsible as the business. The project received an acknowledgement validating it from the head of Consumer Education and Research Center, Ahmedabad.