Discipline Faculty

Glass Shutter for Wardrobe

Debasish Mondal

Neelima Hasija

Saint Gobain India has been in the flat glass business since 1996 and are now the market leaders. Keeping in mind the organization’s vision to enter the furniture business, Debasish’s project aimed at designing and developing glass wardrobe shutters made from existing sheets of back-painted or lacquered glass. The assignment also included designing of different frames and fittings for the shutters as well as modification of the existing wardrobe in the market. The design intervention identified a range of products to address different income groups of customers, keeping in mind their aesthetic choices.

One range was developed for higher income groups with round-corner glass shutters and another with mirror-shutters for middle income groups. Toughened glass was used keeping safety standards in mind. The applications of glass in diverse domains was an interesting learning and the project offered various opportunities to explore and integrate different materials with glass.