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Nevus: Range of Borosilicate Glass Furniture

Sidhdharth Ashok Sakariya

Neelima Hasija

D’BORO is a furniture brand that uses glass as the only material in their products. Sidhdharth had to create a new range of furniture from borosilicate using lathe blowing technique and carbon profile which is commercially viable for higher income groups. He studied the brand and its existing product range, market status, customer reviews, marketing strategies and production process. He also used case studies of their residences through interviews.
Sidhdharth created and put prototypes into the market through exhibitions and expos for user feedback. Working with glass and UV light was a challenge as labor safety had to be ensured. Co-ordination with the vendors and skilled artisans was tough but fruitful. A key learning was, creating a beautiful piece which cannot be mass produced is neither practical nor economical. Developing a product that is commercially viable is a better bet.