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Louis Philippe Wedding: The Wedding Saga (2017-2018)

Paromita Karmakar

Amit Sinha

The project was undertaken for Louis Philippe, a menswear brand by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle. Paromita’s objective was to get familiarized with the retail sector of the textile industry. Market study of competitive brands helped understand the ongoing trends and forecasts. The design team discussed everybody’s ideas to implement them wherever possible. Concepts were taken ahead for print and silhouette ideas after sampling rounds, which followed the team discussions determining product feasibility.

As a fast-moving brand that works two seasons in advance, it relies a lot on existing prints. The creative liberties of the design team were often questioned and ultimately fell on the ones that were readily available. Paromita had to be on edge with the prints and specifications, despite the uncertainty of their selection. However, the silver line amidst those rush hours was the support of her mentors who helped her to focus during panic hours.