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Enhancing Samsung Camera Feature

Nirja Kumari

C S Susanth

With the integration of cameras, smartphone users have developed a keen interest in mobile cameras and the market is flooded with smart phone options that are challenging professional quality camera images. The design objective was to understand, capture and strategize on the essence of the Samsung Tizen phone from a retail perspective. The scope involved designing an innovative camera feature to bring excitement among users and work as a USP of the product along with designing an inviting packaging.
The designed concept was ‘Escape Reality’ which allowed the user to experience their imaginative world with fun loading illustrations, enabling them to express their thoughts and identity. The concept would also be available in motion, to make it more lifelike and relatable for the user. Nirja also designed a creative packaging concept, where users could reuse the reverse side of the outer packaging as a ‘Picture Frame’, which would also be silent marketing for the brand.