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Designing Game Systems and Features for Increasing User Engagement

Ceeyus Vareed

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

The rising penetration of smartphones and the internet has opened Indian doors to mobile gaming. Companies are experimenting to figure out how to design games for India, to engage users and drive monetization. During his internship at Moonfrog Labs, Ceeyus developed design sensibilities for creating game features that could increase user engagement in India for mobile platforms. The major project worked on was ‘Baahubali The Game’, the official game on the IP Baahubali.
The objective was to increase user engagement and retention. To achieve this, various methods and approaches were carried out, such as improving the in-game tutorial and First Time User Experience (FTUE), designing a daily login bonus feature and designing a team versus team battle game feature called ‘The Alliance Wars’. Of these, three features to increase user engagement were implemented. User feedback and analytics were again used to improve the designs, resulting in a positive increase in user engagement.