Discipline Faculty

Communication Strategies for Big Bazaar

Aashish Joshi

Nijoo Dubey

Aashish’s brief was to reimagine the in-store communications of Big Bazaar stores and introduce means of communication to enhance the shopping experience of customers. Research was conducted to study retail (hypermarket) brands which have multinational presence. The objective was to understand the visual language followed through signages, fixtures, wall treatments and elements in the store and their impact on the customer shopping experience.

Different strategies and relevant interventions were developed for problems identified. Signages were reimagined to bring in consistency and efficiency in the communication system. A power wall was designed for the store entrance to give customers a brief glance of the store and act as a transition element from outside to inside. A communication graphic was developed to inform customers about the pre-requisites of billing to accelerate the process of check-out.
The final output was a mix of graphics, fixtures, visual merchandise and a proposal of a complete system for Big Bazaar.