Discipline Faculty

Extended Textbook for Government Schools

Prajna Ashok Hegde

V S Ravishankar

The aim of the project was to devise a model for digital content to be provided to government schools across India to aid teaching in classrooms. This solution would fit as a feature into the National Teacher’s Platform known as ‘Extended Textbook’ and would help enhance learning outcomes through digital resources that support content in their textbooks. The solution is a mobile app provided to teachers with library of teaching resources to map their classroom onto the system to receive content based on student’s learning levels.

It helps the teacher to cater to every learner type in the class by connecting the textbook to resources through a QR code for quick and easy access. For education to be effective one must understand the context of the system well before trying to fit in a solution. Digital solutions can create an impact only if the strength of the system is leveraged and weaknesses supported.