Discipline Faculty

Portable Kitchen Fan

Anjum Salim Shaikh

V S Ravishankar

The project with Crompton was to design a fan for Indian kitchen which is portable, aesthetic and runs with or without electricity. Anjum conducted market visits to study the competitive product lines, meetings with marketing teams, dealers, customers and engineers to study manufacturing processes. User reviews, innovation and technical specifications of electrical fans were also studied. The final product consisted of 3D modelling and user case scenarios to assimilate the research findings through questionnaires and interviews.

Mindi, the kitchen fan lies between the giant pedestal fan and an average table fan fit for standard Indian kitchens. It can be easily placed on kitchen counter, window panels or nearby walls. Out of the two variants, the solar fan may not be sellable to the middle-class audience due to higher cost. After completion of the project, Anjum realized the little communication happening between the consumer and the producer and was glad to experience the ground reality.