Discipline Faculty

Smart Water Management for Apartments within Indian Cities

Divya Haridas

Aneesha Sharma

The scope of Divya’s graduation project was Municipal Water Management. It involved working closely with various stakeholders in different areas such as public sector, utility providers, end users and policy makers. The objective was to improve the efficiency, revenue generation and performance of the utility providers and at the same time ensure that the end consumers get reliable quality and adequate quantity of potable water for their daily use.
Insights were gathered from brainstorming, domain, market and user research. The next phase was stakeholder, journey and opportunity mapping of the existing water management at a city level. A refined project objective was derived which led to ideation and concept generation. While the initial approach began at the system level, it was narrowed down to cater to the area, which Honeywell would align their interest to invest in. The proposed outcome would be an integration on a digital platform based on technologies Honeywell Tech
specializes in.