Discipline Faculty

Kombdya: The Rooster

Shirish Shrikant Ghatge

Ajay Tiwari

Kombdya - The Rooster is a story of a kid who is bullied because he is weak in sports. It speaks about how he struggles to fit inside the constantly growing cricket-crazed society around him and how he comes to terms with his reality.

Not all are blessed with an idyllic childhood. While some are born with a silver spoon, some have to weather tough situations too early for their age. Experiences, good or bad, shape our personality and perspective in our growing up years. Such is the story of Sachin, who like any other kid of his age, is battling with his own problems.

Set in 2003, the year of cricket world cup in a country where the sport is worshipped as a religion, this story is about Sachin who had to deal with bullies in his vicinity from a very early age. His journey is a rollercoaster ride of how he braved it out to find his zen in his chaotic childhood and how his family played a vital role in teaching him one of the most important lessons of his life.
Since the entire set up of my story is in a chawl, I wanted to study the lifestyle of the residents living in chawls today. So, I did a lot of research, visited few old Mumbai chawls and spoke to a lot of people who live and used to live in chawls including my father. As someone who was brought up with the luxury of living in an apartment, which lacks the charm of community living, the nostalgic memories of my father’s life in a chawl system always intrigued me. He fondly narrated how simple and happy his life used to be back then even with less money and no great luxuries. I wanted my movie to convey that innocence and imperfection of a chawl life from a kid's point of view.
I referred to a lot of Hindi and regional kid's movies like Makdee(2002), Taare Zameen Par(2007), Chillar Party(2011), Killa(2015) etc. These movies, unlike other commercial movies, show childhood with its real imperfections but retain their innocence. That was the best lesson I learnt after watching these movies. I also learnt a lot about life and the psychology of kids through these movies and it helped me build a narrative for my film Kombdya.

This is a self sponsored Graduation Project guided by Animation Film Design faculty Ajay Kumar Tewari.