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Tools for Constructing Mughal Geometric Patterns

Nargis Shaikh

Tarun Deep Girdher

Islamic design is based on Greek geometry that provides visual confirmation of the complexity achieved with simple tools. It compensates for the losses of civilization while re-establishing the primordial beauty of nature by transporting the viewer to a serene contemplation. It is a form of visual music and the rhythm of its motifs establishes an inner sense of balance. Nargis identified patterns and created a repository of their construction by visiting monuments like Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid and Taj Mahal. She documented a library with historical context for patterns, motifs, calligraphy and structures.
Her research involved the analysis of stakeholders and opportunities mapped, by understanding the critical patterns of these structures. She developed methods to create simple and engaging learning tools, by working on visual methods that could be used by the stakeholders. Nargis also found appropriate platforms to design an interactive method to practice the art.