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Service Design Research: Product vs Service via Characteristics Mapping

Prashanth Swathi Radhakrishna

Krishnesh Mehta

The project was an effort to contribute to the research knowledge bank in the field of Service Design. Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) functions as a premier research organization. Prashanth’s aim was to provide a stronger hypothesis that would differentiate the product domain in comparison with the service domain. The differentiation was to be done by understanding the observations of mapping product characteristics to service characteristics while converting an existing product to a service and vice versa.
The study was carried out in two phases. In both phases of conversion, research insights led to the ideation of new concepts and a design for a new service and product. Post this, characteristics of the new product and service were mapped and observations were converted into a service design research paper. Throughout the process, Prashanth gained an in-depth understanding of the domains and the complexities involved in it.