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Mars Rover for ISRO in 2040

Samarjitsinh Waghela

Balaji Rengarajan

Research on space exploration has led to the opportunity of humankind becoming a multi planetary species by 2030 and Mars will perhaps be the next destination. With technology aiding this vision, transportation systems will be a game changer for human settlement on an alien surface. Exploring the opportunities of a compatible, modular and sustainable surface exploration vehicle for Mars was the fascinating premise of Samrajitsinh’s project, keeping in mind human safety and cost-effectiveness.
Four major modules were developed for scouting, deep excavation, logistics and habitat building for human activity on Mars. These were accommodated on a modular platform as per their individual missions. The idea was to create a multi-functional modular rover instead of developing four different vehicles. The design included a platform equipped with artificial intelligence by which the rover could carry out its mission once given a command. Initial ideation was followed by final renders and a CAD model.