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Living VectorsLiving Vectors: In search of New Ways of Making and New Things to Make

Arunatpal Chanda

Dr Tridha Gajjar

Through his graduation project ‘Living Vectors’, Arunatpal attempted to understand the discipline of Graphic Design, in the context of post-mechanical reproduction. The study took a microscopic look at the way tools in the digital ecosystem would respond to such changes. The thesis presented a series of computer interfaces around machine assisted creativity anchored to the metaphor of vectors as living objects. The metaphor is an emulation of the inexhaustible, infinitely variable systems that exist in nature.
The authoring interfaces could accommodate varying scales of proficiency, taking into consideration the element of play and immediate connect as defined behaviors and generative spaces authored by the user. The interface metaphor was exemplified by a final set of tools which could be used in combination to author variable artifacts and visual systems. The project also explored aesthetic dimensions of drawing as a research format to engage in conversations though art, in collaboration with the machine.