Discipline Faculty

Linarc: Project Management Tool

Vishwesh Prabhakar Bandarkar

Mohammed Naim

Building one’s dream home is exciting, but planning every detail is an overwhelming responsibility. The process can be simplified by executing the construction phase through a project management tool. Vishwesh worked with Lollypop Design Studio in Bengaluru, to build user experience for the construction industry and enable a hassle-free process of building individual houses. The idea was to create an ecosystem based on devices already available with the user.
He managed the project from its inception to completion and developed a viable product ready for initial testing and launch in the market. Since, the audience was based in U.S.A., understanding of the construction process of California proved helpful. While working on the project, Vishwesh faced challenges like limited interaction with end-users, large amount of information and user behavior understanding. He learnt how mobile and desktop platforms work in sync and to scale down a simplified interaction for each user.