Discipline Faculty


Rejath R

Kaushik Chakraborty

‘Oorjja’ is a short animation film about Sarah, a girl with special needs. Sarah’s condition makes her daily life extremely difficult. She finds expression through the medium of painting, to deal with the indifference meted out to her. Through Sarah’s character, the narrator tries to shed light on the sorry state of affairs of the education system in India. The countless number of children like Sarah, who suffer because of
the exclusive nature of education, is really
heart breaking.
Oorjja was produced by Rejath in support
of the social enterprise with the same name, run by S.S.Jayashankar. The organization attempts to bridge the gap between the industry and the current education system through their specialized program created specifically for specially-abled children. Rejath’s film attempts to highlight the work done by the people at Oorjja, to bring a sustainable change in the lives of children who may not be capable of standing up
for themselves.