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Gabriel's Horn

Shreeya Wagh

Kaushik Chakraborty

Shreeya’s brief was to communicate some of the fundamental concepts of higher secondary and undergraduate mathematics, through AV media and animation. The objective was to undo the common misconceptions that students carry in view of their previous mathematical learning and generate interest or curiosity in students whilst dispelling their mathematical anxieties.
The film is named after and focuses on a mathematical problem called ‘Gabriel’s horn’. The paradox of this problem is highly interesting as it focuses on an object that has infinite surface area, but only finite volume.
The film was made with the intention to help students reduce hostility and generate affection for the subject, in those mathematically disinclined. Shreeya’s film attempts to make the viewer realise that the trick to learn something, is to recognise what is the seemingly hardest part about it. Once one overcomes this, it is difficult to remember what seemed so hard about it in the first place.