Discipline Faculty

The Ahom Kingdom

Amalendu Kaushik

Kaushik Chakraborty

Amalendu’s animation film ‘The Ahom Kingdom’ can be best described as a visual representation of the Ahom legends written in Buranji, an ancient script of Assam. The film uses the ancient text as a reference point to retell these legends. The rich history of the Ahom tribe
and the numerous struggles that the dynasty went through, have been depicted in the film.
It ensures that the visuals are in tandem
with traditional nature of these legends.
The style of the film has been inspired by Amalendu’s attraction towards manga and anime. The film makes full use of VFX techniques and compositions to introduce the folklore. Amalendu hopes to revive the strong heritage of the Ahom tribe which is undergoing an identity crisis in current times. The film is a sincere attempt
to showcase the history of Assam, which he believes has been greatly ignored due to colonial occupation.