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Myth of Origin: Munda Tribe

Vipul Barla

Kaushik Chakraborty

The Munda tribe to which Vipul belongs is one of the oldest Adivasi ethnic groups in India and one of the largest in Jharkhand with a population of almost two million. Takra is a village with Mundas as the primary inhabitants who speak in Mundari, one of the oldest languages belonging to the Austroasiatic family. The Mundas have a rich tradition of oral literature comprising of songs, folktales and folklore, much of which has been documented in the Encyclopaedia Mundarica, a 16-volume compilation on their culture and society.
However, the need to be assimilated into the mainstream and the industrialized world is driving young Munda members away from their culture and society because of rapid development in the last few decades. Vipul’s project was an attempt to reconnect with the roots, appreciate the rich tradition and instill a sense of pride for the culture while strengthening the identity within the tribe through an animation film.