Discipline Faculty


Anju Susan Abraham

Dr. Shilpa Das

“‘Apart’ is a film focusing on the lives of the elderly in Kerala. It is a dialogue between an old woman and her family, on the occasion of her birthday. The family wishes the grandmother going about their daily activities. The daughter enquires about her mother’s health challenges. Then the perspective zooms out and the grandmother is alone in her ancestral home. Though they initially appeared to be in the same place, the interaction was actually a conversation over the telephone.
Anju created the characters by describing their age, attire and psychological attributes like character motivation. Recording the dialogues with voice actors brought these characters to life. She chose the music Haratanaya Sree by Veena Kinhal, as it was composed as a tribute to her father. Anju learnt to create an audience-oriented film for families who find it difficult to care for their loved ones, to realize the situation of the elderly.