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Daydreaming: An Animated Music Video for Grain Music

Sharath Ravishankar

Suman Chowdhury

Sharath’s graduation project was a music video for Grain Music; a project by Gaurav Raina, one half of the MIDIval Punditz, an Indian electronica-fusion duo, for Daydreaming, the leading track of the album. Loneliness, self-pity, addiction, attachment and longing were the core feelings showcased in the video. The medium
of the video was 2D digital animation. For this music video a wide aspect ratio was chosen to maximize the negative space and emphasis on the theme of isolation.
The story focused on the state of the mind while spending extended periods of time completely alone, with no social interaction and finding solace in attachment to inanimate objects. The freedom of having no one to answer to, is also a form of confinement and this subject was communicated in the video. The final concept resulted in the recurring motif of a secret room that one retreats to under moments of duress, turning the latter into a direct visual metaphor.