Discipline Faculty

SAP Leonardo Pepper

Garima Sikdar

Nijoo Dubey

Omnichannel retail focuses on providing an integrated customer experience across all channels. Humanoid robots are bringing back the face-to-face element to customer engagement, combined with smart AI tools. The aim of Garima’s project was to create an intelligent and smart system, which could understand users as people and help them with purchases in a retail scenario, takingcare of their aspirations and providing the right experience.
The concept was based on SAP Leonardo, a platform that includes IOT, machine learning, advanced analytics and block chain which build the core that enables intelligence in a humanoid. Garima’s intent was to use Softbank Robotics’ humanoid Pepper, for research purpose. The features and intelligence in Pepper can be easily programmed and packaged for different industry verticals. Garima explored and implemented new technologies in the retail sphere through the project, which has been taken ahead by the SAP Paris team for implementation and validation.