Discipline Faculty

Naalukettu: A Stop Motion Animation Movie

Aiswarya Rammohan

Dr. Shilpa Das

The project is a stop motion animation movie, based on a literary classic named Naalukettu which portrays the dissolution of the matrilineal system into nuclear families in Kerala.
It follows the life of Appuni, the son of a woman who married someone of her own wish, resulting in her having to leave her ancestral home with her son. Appuni’s father dies and he is left to live his life without the protection and prestige
of a father or his family.
The project is based on a small excerpt from the novel where the protagonist though afraid, ventures out in the dark after being offered a temptation by his mother. Aiswarya’s objective was to explore
and understand the structural differences when adapting written media to visual media and to ensure the essence
of the written work was maintained during the adaptation. Animation further helped in exploring the imagination and fear
of a 13-year-old boy.