Discipline Faculty

Smart Water Management for Apartments within Indian Cities

Upendra Shenoy M

Dr Ranjit Konkar

The project’s objective revolved around the idea of ‘Smart water management for residences in Indian cities’, focusing on quality, quantity and reliable sources of potable water. Honeywell Technology Solutions provide guidance for smart buildings and smart city missions for the urban market. According to Upendra, the growing scarcity and mismanagement of water needs technological intervention to prevent a looming crisis. His process involved observational, desk and field research along with going through various journals, publications and contextual journey maps.
The system architecture also required conceptual and prototype validation from stakeholders. The study revolved around political, environmental and economic factors, along with current legislations and future technical innovations likely to answer the water crisis. Upendra’s inputs made a valuable contribution to a global issue requiring immediate attention. The project helped him to understand the corporate world and its processes, not only by making him industry ready but also more sensitive to the environment and a better citizen.