Discipline Faculty

Designing a Digital Assistant for Kids

Radhika Satish Wagh

Mamata N Rao

The objective of the project was to create a personal digital assistant for children to fulfil their needs from parental consideration. A research was done by Radhika to study the thought process of families with kids aged between three to seven years with a Personal Digital Assistant for frequent interaction.
A speaker named ‘Coro’ was designed for kids, that had the ability to adapt to the sound of super heroes and cartoon characters when a particular character head was attached to the speaker.
Coro can tell stories of any character selected by the child by keeping in mind the educational expectations of the parents. It can also ask questions in dialogue form to assess their level of understanding and make changes according to the children’s grasping power. Leveraging the current digital abilities for an unpredictable and challenging user segment was exciting. However, only Edu-tech and Enter-tech were explored for the project due to time restrictions.