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Teachopia: Technology Solution to facilitate Teaching-Learning Approaches for Government Schools in Karnataka

Avi Chudasama

S Guruprasad

The potential of experiential learning and teaching processes are well established within the education community. However, Indian government school students who account for 68 percent of the total school population are still deprived of this methodology. Avi’s project aimed to solve this challenge by designing a technology solution, to facilitate such a process and contextualize the experiential teaching and learning concept for Indian government schools. The design direction selected a solution, aligned with Indian education policies while meeting the needs of end users.

For Avi, the design activities in the project included journey mapping, designing of product development, UX strategies, system architecture, UX wireframes and prototype testing. In terms of technology, the solution included an offline learning management system that could deliver experiential teaching and learning content for benefit of government schools by creating a local school Wi-Fi for content streaming without any need of the internet. The project has been currently implemented at government schools in Karnataka on a pilot stage.