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Plastic: A Silent Killer

Darshan Pankajbhai Modi

Kaushik Chakraborty

‘Plastic - a silent killer’ is an animation film, that attempts to direct the attention of the viewers to the harmful effects of plastics on human life. It is no surprise that the world is dealing with a global crisis, due to plastic and its excessive consumption. Although the theme of film wasn’t Darshan’s primary interest area initially, his desire to address the issue grew as he continued the research on the subject. The film employs
a traditional hand-drawn animation style done in dry pastels. The compilation of the entire film was done on the software called ‘TvPaint Animation Pro’.
The film is also done in two parts; half in colour and then a gradually progression towards black and white. The characters
are drawn in an exaggerated manner, so as to grip the viewer immediately. The intention to employ this technique was to present how intricately the consumption of plastic is linked to our day-to-day life.