Discipline Faculty

Out of Order: Short Fiction

Mridul Narnaulia

Prahlad Gopakumar

‘Out of Order’ is the story of a boy who is troubled due to his inability to control his anger. Due to this problem, he finds himself sacked from his job and is left with no friends either. Through an advertisement, he meets with a mystic guru, who teaches him a technique, that seems to be his ticket to live a peaceful life. The film explores ‘anger’ as a theme and how it tends to cloud one’s judgement, thus making life complicated. The script of the film is written in a comic and sarcastic manner that tries to highlight how a serious topic can be tackled in a light-hearted fashion.
The plot of Mridul’s film draws heavily on his personal experiences, which reflects throughout the narrative. The entire sequence of the supernatural experience included in the film has been done purely to increase the cinematic value. Mridul cites the movies No Smoking and Waking Life as the inspiration behind his film.