Discipline Faculty

S4J (Spend for Joy): Your Spending Optimiser

Omkar Pramod Khadamkar

Nijoo Dubey

Current customer behavior towards extensive consumption has a major opportunity to make conscious decisions. The objective of Omkar’s project was to transform the overspending behavior of people to a moderate spending habit. Two problems were identified as challenges to achieving the intended goal. The first one was identification of the key sub-functions of overspending, which could be controlled to solve the problem of over expenditure and the second was to propose a method to curb it. Mapping of all possible effects and their interconnectedness when overspending was in play, was done. The foremost effect would be customers saving money as they stopped spending on unnecessary and expensive goods. That would also eliminate the possibility of addiction and reduction of quality of life, as well as the threat to the environment in terms of wastage of resources. The final solution was formed by combining two ideas which were ‘Virtual Cupboard’ and ‘Spend for Joy’.