Discipline Faculty

Compact SUV for India 2025

Siddharth R Vakkaleri

Vipul Vinzuda

The global market for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) is projected to surpass twenty one million units by 2020; driven by safe, convenient and luxuriant mobility needs with a growing preference for recreation driving. Asia-Pacific represents the largest market worldwide and India continues to remain one of the primary targets. At present, Indian automakers are focusing on developing prototypes of compact and mid-size SUVs as they represent a logical upgrade from sedans.
New models with creative designs, tech-savvy features and fuel-efficient engines will continue to be launched into the market. The scope of the project involved examining the present scenario of utility vehicles in India and how the current market will adapt to this change in the automotive industry. It looked into local and international competitors and customer requirements. The study facilitated designing of a new lifestyle utility vehicle accepted by both, urban and semi-urban markets, without compromising upon any element.