Discipline Faculty

Designing a Delightful Customer Journey

Mita Kurundkar

S Guruprasad

Forbes Marshall is an Indian engineering and energy conservation solutions provider, offering steam engineering and control instrumentation products and solutions. As the business grew, the systems did not develop proportionally, resulting in customer dissatisfaction. This created an urgent need to revamp and focus on customer experience. The objective of Mita’s project was to design a delightful customer journey for Forbes Marshall by using a design thinking approach.
Through research and ideation, Mita presented three distinct options by applying the design thinking approach. To be able to implement the ideas and indulge in rapid prototyping, the focus area of the project was narrowed down to the boiler standard spares business. Solutions on business and process level were explored which covered the entire ordering cycle. Devising a new and personalised commercial strategy for the business growth, development of a boiler health report, boiler spares application, boiler spares super market formation, primary package design and branding were a few of the proposed suggestions by Mita.