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Yeli: A Collection of Handloom Fabrics for Garments

Anwesha Das

Shafique Afzal

The Good Loom is an artisanal clothing brand, that puts more emphasis on the artisans than the clothes themselves. As part of her graduation project, Anwesha designed yardage fabrics for casual fashion garments, to translate the brand ideology into a more extensive collection of garments for men and women. The brief was to create a special brand identity with the new designs. Two fabric collections were conceptualized and created through explorations embodying the brand philosophy.
The first collection employed a traditional approach to create modern designs. It had a plain weave with dobby designs inspired by Ilkal sarees. The second collection was inspired by crossing minimalism with Zen through a plain weave with Charaka. The idea of minimalism was translated not only in the designs that reflected harmony and peace, but also in the colors and materials chosen. Both collections told the story of where they were made, keeping the context of the place intact.