Discipline Faculty

Elevating the Fragrance Experience for Unilever

Swastika Dash

S Guruprasad

Unilever holds a strong position in the deodorant market with their flagship brand Axe. Swastika’s project was undertaken to decipher and elevate its fragrance experience. She decoded evolving needs in interactions with human emotions and extrapolated design strategies to elevate the consumer experience by tweaking behavioral aspects. She studied the existing fragrances in the deodorant industry, trends, perceptions and information, on various mediums. The onsite market was also researched upon with tools like surveys, interviews, feedback and elicitations.
Swastika held an exhibition to showcase her journey and the results, the product prototypes of which were absorbed and are in the pipeline to be executed on a global scale by February 2019. The initial days were a struggle for her to understand the cultural context of the FMCG giant, however it was essential to grasp the cultural fabric to deliver the best outcome.