Discipline Faculty

Creating a Design Vision for Collaboration

Sharan Mujoo

S Guruprasad

Adobe Systems Incorporated is a multinational software company based out of San Jose, USA. In 2013, the business model shifted from a boxed licence to that of a SaaS model. A core offering of the subscription was the Creative Cloud, a web based space where one could store their assets and files in an organized format and share the same to collaborate. In the modern day scenario, Illustrator finds itself surrounded by a complex ecosystem of products which aim at enabling collaboration. However, Adobe’s own offering for collaboration, Creative Cloud, finds scant usage due to a fragmented user experience.
Sharan’s degree project aimed to establish recommendations in the form of insights, frameworks and strategies through research, which would allow Adobe to have a deeper look at what collaboration could be looked at in the future, for Creative Cloud and its suite of products including but not limited to Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop.