Discipline Faculty

Designing Digital Innovation for Bajaj Electricals

Rohit Menon

Jitendra Singh Rajput

The project undertaken by Rohit revolved around two perspectives of the organization; the representation of brands and products as a coherent story and the perception of the same brands in the mind of consumers. Rohit’s brief was to design a product-service system to bridge that gap through digital innovation. He began by creating a better experience for the users of Bajaj products. The primary focus was on digital transformation through new technology in the company’s electrical segment.

During the research process, he discovered a massive gap between the products and the digital intervention around them. He proposed a solution to synchronize the two layers, by creating a more meaningful interaction between the two, through a system designed to access and create a seamless connection between the user and the product, leading to moments of joy and comfort. The project enabled Rohit to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired at NID to produce meaningful solutions for the organization.