Discipline Faculty

Designing for Transforming Business Proposition of Soulskill

Saurabh Kabra

S Guruprasad

The platform Soulskill, is a product by Corecred Technologies, based out of Mumbai. The project involved transformation of business propositions of Soulskill, which was a freelancer management system focused on staffing of freelancers. The design process of Saurabh involved research of various market networks, creative freelancers, competition analysis and value chain analysis of the video content industry. Primary research was conducted with prospective clients using the novel method of pitch probing. A podcast was developed to share stakeholders’ views to everyone in the market.
The podcast and blog formed the content strategy of the organization. Based on the insights gathered, user interface and user experience were crafted. An extensive framework was created by him to prioritize feature development. Business experience was sharpened which was validated by an efficient sales flow. Saurabh presented three strategy ideation concepts which were immediate, future and algorithm, at their core respectively. The algorithm strategy was implemented leading to a new product use-case development.