Discipline Faculty

Re-designing Platform for Internal Communication for Agents

Sushant Kumar Rai

Bhaumik Nagar

The aim of the project was to bridge the gap between the communication process of agents and supervisors and cater to the demand for an internal communication platform through which agents and supervisors can connect easily. The solution also facilitated knowledge sharing and query answering which can make agents independent and also help the business at various levels. The process adopted for the project is the Double Diamond method that covers the journey through discover, define, design and deliver.

The needs and pain points of the users were identified through the existing platform and a newer version was designed with the background understanding of the organization. Data collection was a convenient exercise as a huge number of agents worked in the same building. Interviews were conducted to understand agents’ problems in depth while comparative and precedent study were conducted to understand competitive platforms. User testing and expert feedback helped in improvising the prototype.