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Designing Communication Strategies for New Products for Global Design Centre, Unilever


S Guruprasad

Through her graduation project with Hindustan Unilever Limited, Preeti planned, designed and executed communication strategies for new detergent products. Her scope included creating an awareness among the people of Turkey about
the pros of a Doypack liquid detergent to make them transit to a more economic and sustainable product. Another target was to make millennials in Turkey enthusiastic about trying out a new deo-protect detergent liquid innovation that met their needs.
‘Project OMO’ involved creating commercial advertisements for the fabric cleanser OMO. The design process analysed, understood flaws and came up with interventions. A new communication design strategy was put in place based on the same. The newly framed strategy was then put to test in the
second project for the product Seventh Generation, a plant-based fabric cleaner with natural ingredients. Comparing the differences in the process and output for both projects on different parameters like timelines, quality and ease validated the new strategy.