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Knowledge Based Selling for General Trade: A Strategic Intervention to increase Consumer Experience and Brand Loyalty of HUL

Tarannum Bano

S Guruprasad

The project sponsored by Hindustan Unilever Ltd aimed at developing a strategic framework to sell knowledge-based products in the general trade market for the South East Asia region.Tarannum explored current market scenarios, constraints, challenges and opportunities for HUL’s products in the Indian market. She also identified challenges and opportunities such as, time and space limitation, benefit-oriented mindset of shop keepers, price-sensitive users and varying aspirational values attached to FMCG products in Mom and Pop shops.
Tarannum primarily used the principle of gamification and insight into increasing digital penetration in general trade markets through better affordability, relatability and accessibility. The core of the project was to align the mindsets of Unilever brand teams, customers and shoppers by providing a standard approach through a contextually relevant prototype. It helped in understanding the core influencers in people’s buying processes and how brands influence the psyche of people through various methods.