Discipline Faculty

Hostel Furniture

Advait Vishram Kelkar

P Rama Krishna Rao

The project for Dovetail, a Bengaluru based furniture company, was to understand the manufacturer, buyer and user to design a set of furniture for hostels. Advait began the research by making case studies of existing hostels, their layout, furniture, windows and plug points to estimate a visual bubble within which a student moves around in a room. He played with space and furniture in a combination most suitable for effective utilization of both.
He learnt that simpler production processes result in faster production and intricate details lead to design and manufacturing complexities. The project presented him with the opportunity to meet the clients and understand their expectations with respect to deliverables such as comfortable price range, problems faced with existing furniture and the expectation from the environment that the product would be designed for. Consideration of space and functionality was at the core of the project executed by Advait.