Discipline Faculty

Prakalp Pune

Pradipta Ray

Tanishka Kachru

The project was undertaken to create a culture of citywide activities that concretized the identity of Pune as a truly unique cultural scene and put the city back at the forefront of international and national consciousness as a creative destination. A city coloring map was designed which included a to-do list of places, people and aspects of the city that could be experienced. It acted as both memorabilia for the city and an activity to engage in.
Pradipta curated an exhibition and a small pop up archive and shop, including educational and engaging walks and talks, performances, meetups and workshops at different sites and school events that reflected the culture and social fabric of the city. Thus, in collaboration with local artists, history experts and cultural influencers, ‘Prakalp Pune’ became the culmination that created an unforgettable experience. The design process also included ideation and finalisation of a visual identity and graphics for the festival.