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Kawadasa (God’s Rays): A Short Docu-fiction Film

Dhanashree Kolhe

Shrinkhala Aren

Dhanashree’s film titled ‘Kavadasa’, which means God’s rays is a docu-fiction film. It is an enquiry into the lives of people suffering with Down syndrome. The film tries to present the viewer a world as seen by the children affected by this medical condition. The story follows Prajakta, a special needs child, as she takes the filmmaker through her world. As a viewer of the film, one also interacts with Prajakta as she interacts with the world around her. The themes of home and friendship have been explored from Prajakta’s perspective.
Instead of viewing children with special needs with pity, viewers are asked to show them more compassion. It challenges the viewer to see the world through their eyes. The film is also an amalgamation of Dhanashree’s own experiences with Prajakta. The film makes a strong case for children suffering with Down syndrome by showing how genuinely caring and warm they can be, if one is ready to open one’s heart to them.