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Shreyas Dashrathe

Arun Gupta

A family, like a tree, has an intricate structure. Every familial element brings in a new perspective, a new complication and a new meaning to their sense of existence. ‘Vanshaaval’ is a fiction film about the exploration of a family and the intricate knots of its lineage and the ties that hold it together. While every family has its own history, functioning and politics, an Indian family is even more complicated.
The film attempts to unravel the various threads that constitute the fabric of the social structure we are all born into. It involved interesting research and encounters with people, whom Shreyas interacted with to understand their mindset. The film explores interwoven themes through physical objects and spaces that over time take various shapes and forms in the collective memories of family members. Vanshaaval tries to deal with the extraordinary depth in the very ordinary details of everyday life and those of the people in a family.