Discipline Faculty

Brand Identity for Archer Systems

Simoul Premraj Alva

Dr Tridha Gajjar

The focus of the project was to create a brand identity for a technology-enabled administration platform and advisory firm built on the foundation of client support and confidentiality. The main business verticals were litigation support, settlement advisory and claims administration for class action suits. To articulate and develop brand positioning, interviews were conducted with the firm’s leadership which helped understand the challenges, the aspirations and purpose of the brand identity.
Research and design direction led to development of a system with typography specifications, color and application samples, followed by creation of a brand guidelines document. The identity was then extended into a website. The website design process involved developing infographics, icons, interaction design and animation, layouts and information grouping, photography style, use of typography and color. To build an entire visual ecosystem from a logo was Simoul’s greatest learning during the project carried out at Pentagram, New York.