Discipline Faculty

The School Project

Mythri Babu

Sathyanand Mohan

Children come into this world with a burning desire to learn; equipped with the curiosity, playfulness and sociability to direct their own education. Yet these instincts are squelched in school models that indoctrinate, rather than promote intellectual growth. Systems throughout history have shown that masses of children are practically provided with the ideology which suits the role they must fulfil in society. Schools use suitable methods of punishment like expulsion and selection to discipline their students.
Through her project, Mythri intended to add one more dialogue on education. The aim was to understand why schools are what they are today and to get to know the alternate methods in schooling. She took inspiration from the possibility that schooling did not need to be a hideous process. The project included
a photographic study on schools, staged photographs of children in classrooms and schools; and a conceptual photo series based on her memories of school.