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Abhilash Nair

Sekhar Mukherjee

‘Sumo’ is inspired by Abhilash’s personal life story. In the film, a grownup Abhilash revisits a childhood memory in person, where he meets his childhood self. There they witness an event where a young Abhilash was mocked by his school mates for being fat, resulting in a fight that left a lasting impression on him. Most children fantasize and see themselves as ideal heroes of films or TV series. The way these fantasies take shape have been reflected in the film Sumo.
The film deals with concepts such as fat shaming, ideal forms and mimesis. It was envisioned to be a self-reflective piece from a third person’s perspective, to understand a child’s emotions during a difficult life situation and explore how he could be helped to rise from that state. The film subtly pinpoints society’s views of an ideal person and how it affects the outlook
of even a small child.