Discipline Faculty

Samay Chakra

Shashank Shekhar Shukla

Sekhar Mukherjee

Shashank’s animation film is inspired by a poem called Samaychakra. The title in Hindi, means the wheel of time. The poem is originally composed in Hindi by Anand Kumar Shukla, Shashank’s father. Samaychakra is one of the 30 poems penned by Anand Kumar Shukla. The film follows the story of Kavita, an old woman who lives on the streets. Kavita gets ruthlessly judged for begging on the streets. The narration of the film initially takes into account both the viewer and the poet and eventually just focuses on the character.
The film moves back and forth in time to reveal Kavita’s experiences and emotions. It also tracks the progression of people around Kavita and their behavioral changes. Shashank’s film attempts to take
a microscopic look at the various perceptions that our society holds about women. It asks the viewer to underst
and the circumstances of a fellow human being before judging them harshly.